Red Moon Landscaping   Scottasdale, AZ Landscaping Maintenance

  Scottasdale, AZ Landscaping Maintenance

                What to Do When Your Sprinkler/Irrigation System Isn't Nourishing Your Landscape?
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Our sprinkler repair technicians have experience with many different types of irrigation system maintenance and repairs, including diagnosing electrical problems, leak detection and repair, sprinkler timer/controller repair, and sprinkler system start-up checks.
    Polyethylene tubing is the backbone of any drip irrigation system. The poly tubing transports the water from your source to your plants. The water is then released by emitters, drip lines, sprayers, or sprinklers.
here are some examples of what can go wrong with your irrigation system.
 Electrical problems, kinked or broken lines, leaky valves,  Small  leaks,  Irrigation valves not shutting off and flooding.
 Red Moon landscaping can detect and fix all these problems. We also install new sprinkler systems and irrigation systems.

              Valve malfunction

              Leaky valves
                   Pipe leak
          Pinched water line
       Transformer melt down
           Deteriorating lines