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  Scottasdale, AZ Landscaping Maintenance

Ready to Light up Your Life?

Installing low voltage lighting is a must to enhance your investment. Without lighting your yard has no life at night. Properly placed professional grade fixtures allow you to enjoy your patios, ponds, and landscape when the sun sets. It is amazing how a nicely placed fixture can make even a simple stucco wall look great at night. Lighting stone walls, BBQ’s, or fireplaces can really set your yard apart. Adding lighting to enhance certain architectural elements of the house can be not only very dramatic but also adds safety.

We use TOP Quality lighting that have a lifetime guarantee for structural integrity. The stainless steel transformers we install are also guarantee which gives you long standing peace of mind. Using these multi-tap transformers we are also able to guarantee a perfectly balanced installation. This means that the light on the left side of your yard will be as powerful as the fixture on the right side. We use state of the art LED technology to allow greater design flexibility and dramatically reduce the operating cost of the garden lighting system.

Patio covers, gazebos, and trellises can add a very bold element to your garden. These structures can be both functional and purely aesthetic depending on the design and placement. Placing a trellis with a flowering vine over a seating area would be a wonderful final touch in the garden and offers a lovely shady retreat at the same time.

The use of stone in the masonry flatwork truly sets the stage in the landscape. There are so many beautiful stones that can be used in the flatwork such as slate, flagstone, or Travertine for patios, steps, planter walls, pool coping, BBQ’s, fireplaces, and firepits. The extensive use of stone, although beautiful, can be hard on the budget so we usually only use stone as accents, depending on your budget, of course. Using stone is a great way to tie the look of the front yard to the back and can tie the décor of the inside of the house to the outside.