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  Scottasdale, AZ Landscaping Maintenance

Enhance Your Landscape with Decorative Rock in Phoenix AZ

Although landscaping is our specialty at Red Moon Landscaping, it doesn't simply end with maintaining your lawn by caring for grass and trees. Decorative rock is a must-have feature that will surely make your lawn a stand-out attraction.

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer interested in new add-ons for your home or business in Phoenix, decorative rock is an excellent choice for any setup.

There are so many ways that you can have decorative rock placed around your lawn-the possibilities are endless when choosing specific colors and styles. With help from our experienced landscaping professionals, you can increase the visual appeal of your outdoor setting. Create a design scheme with decorative rock that's all your own and compare it to the other lawns in the greater Phoenix area-the difference will always be immediately clear!

Xeriscaping is the art of creating low-maintenance landscapes that need a minimum of water to thrive. The method is environmentally friendly, and eliminates the need for watering, weeding and mowing. The hardscape, or nonliving part of the landscape, is complemented by flowers and bushes. A good design combining rock and gravel with hardy, drought resistant plants creates a pleasant landscape, whether you turn your entire yard over to xeriscaping or simply use some rock and gravel elements to add focus or conceal flaws.